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Call us at 708.857.7070

Instantly access your money at any time with the SDCU Visa Debit card, a safe alternative to using cash and checks.

  • Easily track and manage your money
  • No annual fee
  • Automated Fraud Alerts - FREE VISA credit card fraud monitoring
  • Visa's Zero Liability protection insulates you from unauthorized purchases and withdrawals*
  • 24-hour Member service with live representative; during normal SDCU business hours call 708.857.7070 or after hours call 800.472.3272
  • For more information or to apply by phone, please call 708.857.7070

*Visa's Zero Liability covers transactions processed through the Visa networks. To ensure your transactions are covered, sign for your purchases.

About EMV or Chip-enabled Card

Information on EMV Security

Lost or Stolen Card

If you believe your debit or credit card has been lost or stolen, please let us know immediately. During normal business hours please call us at 708.857.7070. Otherwise please use the following information:

Additional Information

Protected Credit Transactions:

SDCU's fraud systems protect against debit transactions done in Iran, Cuba, Burma/Myanmar, Libya, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and other suspect areas.

Add or remove a joint owner

You may apply online or with a representative to add or remove a joint owner. You will be asked for updated personal information such as employment status and income. We will also pull a new credit report. All loan requests are subject to our Loan Review Committee Guidelines.

Add or remove an authorized user

Please contact us for appropriate paperwork to add or to remove an authorized user.

Request a replacement card or close a card

Please call us at 708.857.7070 to request a replacement card or to close a card.

Request a credit limit increase

You may apply online or with a representative for a credit limit increase.

Request a balance transfer

You can email or call us with your transfer request at or 708.857.7070.