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Effective September 30,2018

General Services Fee
VISA Gift Cards 3.00
Wire Transfers
 Incoming 10.00
 Outgoing U.S. 25.00
Account History (up to 30 days) 5.00
Statement Copy (per month) 10.00
Photocopies (each) .25
Cancelled Check Copy (each) 5.00
Telephone Transactions (in lieu of TeleVoice or Matrix21) 2.00
Bad Address/Return Mail 15.00
Express Mail Service 25.00
Account Verification to Third Party 25.00
Account Reconciliation & Research (per hour min.) 35.00
Drive Thru Canister Replacement 150.00
Stop Payment on Check 37.00
Collection Item 37.00
Return Deposit 37.00
Garnishment/Levy 75.00
Daily Overdraft Fee 10.00
Paper Statement Fee 5.00
VISA Paper Statement Fee 5.00
Televoice & Matrix 21 NO FEE
Coin Roll Orders NO FEE
Notary NO FEE
Third Party Correspondence NO FEE
Shared Branch Excessive Fee (more than 7 times per month) 5.00
Savings Services Fee
Share Balances below $50(per month) 10.00
Low Share Balance (per month, after 6 mos. Membership)
 Less than $300, or Aggregate Share/Loan Balance less than $2,500 6.00
Share Withdrawals per Quarter (includes Overdraft Protection)
First 6 NO FEE
More than 6 (each) 10.00
New Share Account Closed in first 120 days 25.00
Teller (SDCU Corporate) Checks 1.00
Dormant Account (no activity after 1 year, per month) 10.00
Dormant Account Remitted to State (3 years of no activity) 50.00
Club Account(s) Early Withdrawal 5.00
Money Market Account Below $2500 Minimum (Per Month) 12.00
ACH NSF Returns/Exceptions 37.00
Coin Counting (Kids Accounts free w/Deposit) 1% over $100.00
Coin Counting 5% non-members
IRAs Fee
IRA Application/Account Set-up NO FEE
IRA Annual Charge NO FEE
IRA Return of Excess (Disallowed) Contribution NO FEE
IRA Premature Distributions (IRS Penalty may apply) NO FEE
IRA (partial) Transfer to non-SDCU Account NO FEE
IRA Closure Charge 25.00
Checking Accounts Fee
Monthly Service NO FEE
NSF/Returned Check 37.00
NSF/Paid Check (Not Courtesy Pay Option) 37.00
Courtesy Pay Option 37.00
Overdraft Transfer from Savings (each) 10.00
Stop Payment 37.00
Check Copy (No Fee via Matrix 21) 5.00
Non-Members Cashing Member Check(s) (each) 10.00
Check Card Fee
Annual Service NO FEE
Reconfirm/Change PIN NO FEE
SDCU ATM Transactions NO FEE
Point of Sale (POS) Merchant VISA “Credit” Transactions NO FEE
Network (STAR, Coop, AllPoint) or POS PIN Transactions
 First 4 per month NO FEE
 After 4 per month (each) 1.00
Any ATM Network Deposit NO FEE
Check Card Replacement 10.00
Returned Account Payment Item Up to 25.00
Late Account Payment Item Up to 35.00
Card Replacement 10.00
Card Recovery 65.00
Statement Copy 10.00
Transaction Documentation 15.00
Member Cash Advance 2% or 10.00 which is greater
Balance Transfer to SDCU Account NO FEE
Mortgages Fee
First Mortgage NO FEE
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) NO FEE
Fixed Rate Home Equity NO FEE
Consumer Loans Fee
Late Payments 35.00
Duplicate Car Title or Title Correction 95.00

FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE upon 30 Day Notice to Members. Fees reflect the cost of providing the specific services to the Member. NO FEE services are a mutual benefit to all Members. There may be other fees or charges for services not on this schedule. Questions should be directed to your Financial Service Representative.