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Getting off the Start Line first is how winners are made. Research shows that the sooner you start saving money and managing your own real world bank account, the wealthier and more successful you will be later in life. So, if you’re waiting until you graduate to open and manage your own bank account, be prepared to finish somewhere less than First. Student’s First Account is an award-winning financial education program with the best kind of bank – a not for profit Credit Union. Parent/Guardian Joint required for Under 18 accounts. No fees or minimums.

  • Student’s First Savings – Your “cash reserve”, this is the money you keep for yourself as you begin to accumulate “wealth” and gain financial empowerment. Open the account with $5.**
  • Student’s First Checking - Your “cash management” account, this is spending money, by check, ATM or debit card. No minimum balances, no monthly or per check fees, and overdraft protection with your savings account.**
  • Student’s First VISA Credit Card – Your first experience with credit and building a good credit history.**
  • Online Banking – Teaching and Learning together. Check all account balances at a glance, transfer funds between accounts, draw money from or send to outside accounts (including P2P), view recent histories, make electronic bill payments, send and receive alerts. This is our bank, online, mobile and on-call 24/7.**
  • Shared Accounts – Allows you to set up a link with other SDCU Members, such as between husband/wife or parent/children to view balances or transfer funds. Each shared account controls what is allowed. Parent supervision friendly.

For more information or to apply by phone, please call 708.857.7070.

When it comes to your financial future, South Division Credit Union provides accounts in which your money can grow steadily. All savings instruments earn interest and are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to at least $250,000 backed in full by the United States government. Automatic graduation at age 21 to Regular Member Account or after completion of education; max age 25. **Mistakes that are resolved by the Student in a timely manner are excused – Account Abuse is not excused. | Identification Requirements